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Training Philosophy

"To the many dog owners to whom it is simply obvious that it's not okay to hurt and frighten their dogs in order to train them.
You are your dogs' guardian angels."

--Jean Donaldson

Dogs are complex, emotional creatures that are capable of sharing a deep bond with their human companions.

At Pups Unleashed, the only way that we operate is to repair and/or strengthen the bond between humans and canines by using gentle, reward-based training methods.


What is reward-based (positive reinforcement) training?

         Reward-based training (or positive reinforcement) uses treats, toys, affection, and anything else that your pup enjoys to reinforce desired behaviors. Unlike "old school" training methods that use fear, pain, and/or intimidation, reward-based training is effective, fun, and strengthens the relationship between humans and their canines.
         The concept of positive reinforcement is simple yet extremely powerful: dogs are more likely to repeat behaviors that lead to an enjoyable outcome. For example, a dog that is given a treat for sitting, is more likely to sit on cue in the future because they enjoyed the treat. This simple principle can be applied to teach countless skills. Furthermore, dogs that are trained using rewards not only learn faster and more effectively, but also form a stronger bond with their handler. In contrast, dogs that are trained using traditional aversive methods that include pain and fear learn slower, have increased levels of stress, and are more likely to develop aggression and fear-based issues.

         Reward-based training is supported by scientific research and is utilized by respected organizations and training schools such as the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the Pet Professional Guild, the Karen Pryor Academy, the Academy of Dog Trainers, and numerous others.

        At Pups Unleashed, we choose the training approach that is not only gentle and humane, but also supported by the most up-to-date scientific research.       

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