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Contact and Appointment Requests

1. Contact us.

Our contact information is listed below (scroll down). You can call or email directly, or submit a message via the "We're ready to hear from you!" form below. All inquiries and appointment requests will be answered! 

2. Tell us about your pup.

We typically respond to inquiries via phone so look for our call. Tell us about your pup and their needs! Once we determine the service(s) that are right for you, we will quote you a price. If you think we are a good fit for you and your pup, you will then be able to schedule an appointment.

3. Let's meet.

This is the best part for us--finally getting to meet you and your pup! Our trainer will travel to your home for a private session. At our first meeting, we will gather all the details about your pup, discuss your needs and goals, and develop a training or behavior plan. 

4. Let's get to work!

After setting our goals and plan, we will begin to train during our first session! You will also be given exercises to work on between sessions so that your pup keeps making progress. In subsequent sessions, we will evaluate our progress, revise our plan as necessary, and continue on the the next steps of our plan.

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