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Training Services

Pups Unleashed offers a wide variety of dog training services to meet your needs and those of your pup. All training services are gentle, utilizing rewards and positive reinforcement methods. We will NEVER use pain, fear, or intimidation to train your pup. We feel that these practices are outdated and unethical. 

We train dogs of any age and any breed. As a former educator, our trainer understands the importance of individualized education. Each pup and person will be treated as an individual and all training plans will be customized to meet each pair's unique needs. You will work one-on-one with our trainer and your pup to ensure that you receive the time and attention you deserve. 

Dogs respond best to the person/people that train them directly. Therefore, the primary role of our trainer is to teach you (the human!) how to train and interact with your pup. Doing so will not only improve your pup's behavior, but will also strengthen the human-canine bond between the two of you.


Individualized training and/or behavior plans will be written based on the needs and goals of each client. Each plan will include a combination of the following:

  1. Management Solutions: strategies that prevent problem behaviors from occurring

  2. Training: teaching the dog to perform desired behaviors that are incompatible with or an alternative to problem behaviors

  3. Behavior Modification: changing the mindset that causes undesirable behaviors to occur in the first place

Akita on a Leash

Training Options:

  • Basic and Advanced Obedience Training

    • Skills to help dogs behave politely and respond to their owner in a variety of situations

      • Sit, down, recall (come), stay, hand targeting, mat training​, loose-leash walking, crate training, retrieve, etc.

  • Impulse Control and Mental Stimulation Exercises

    • Skills to help dogs cope with frustration and/or boredom and improve manners

      • Leave it, drop it, stay, wait, watch​, manners with guests and greetings, puzzle toys and games, etc.

  • Problem Behavior Solutions and Training

    • Skills and management solutions to diminish common behavior problems

      • Jumping, excessive barking, crating issues, house training, fearful behaviors, leash pulling, leash reactivity (barking/lunging on leash), inappropriate chewing, etc.


  • Trick Training

    • Skills that are fun for dogs to perform and impressive to watch!

      • Rolling over, spin, hand shake, kiss, play dead, sit pretty, etc.

  • Puppy Training and Services (from 8 weeks old)

    • Picking a puppy

      • Breed information, rescue dog adoption advice​, etc.

    • Preparing for a puppy

      • Education, puppy-proofing, what to expect, etc.

    • Puppy obedience training and housetraining

    • Puppy socialization education and handling exercises

    • Puppy troubleshooting and management solutions

      • Teething, crate training, puppy problem behaviors, etc.

Puppy Play

Please note: We are unable to take on cases of dog-dog and dog-human aggression at this time.

However, we are happy to help find you a trainer if you need assistance! 

Session Information and Options

  • All sessions are private (one-on-one) and individualized to your needs 

  • The first training session is typically 90 minutes (to gather background information and set goals in addition to starting training) while subsequent sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

  • Session format options:

    • In-person (mask and COVID screening required, working outside if possible)

    • Virtual (via Skype or other video platform, may not be possible for all behavior issues)

    • Hybrid plans (mix of virtual and in-person sessions) 

  • Purchase options:

    • Single sessions​ (with the option to upgrade to a package after first session): add on as many or as few as you'd like

    • Session packages at a discounted rate: packages of 4 or 6 sessions

  • Pricing:​​

    • Prices will be quoted once we know your training needs as different types of training have different fees. Contact us to discuss your pup and training goals! 

Training a Puppy
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